8th Annual Lapped Traffic Podcast Fantasy League

Sign Up
*Send an email to fantasylappedtraffic@gmail.com
*All new players must register to play, if you played in 2023 you are already registered, only new players will need to register.
*Make sure you include in the body of the email your first and last name, email, and twitter handle if you have one.
*New players are welcomed throughout the season.

*Picks must be submitted via email to fantasylappedtraffic@gmail.com to be accepted.
*When you submit your picks, please include your full name & Twitter in the body of the email.  
*Please include the full name and number of the driver you are selecting for each of the three series.
*All picks for the upcoming race weekend are due on Thursday by 5PM EST.  Exceptions-weeks with mid-week races.

*If all 3 series are running, Cup, Xfinity, and Truck, you will pick 1 driver from each. 
*New this year! All 3 series limited picks are based on 2023 owners points.  For example, you can pick Kyle Busch only in cup and only once per segment.  Josh Berry is limited in cup series as well for example. Additional examples, Sheldon Creed moved to the 18 and will be limited to 1 pick in Xfinity. Layne Riggs is driving the 38 truck and will be limited to one pick per segment as well.
*Here are the car numbers that are limited to 1 pick per segment

Cup Picks Available
1 4 5 6 8 9 11 12 17 19 20 22 24 34 45 47

Xfinity Picks Available
00 1 2 7 8 10 16 18 19 20 21 27

Truck Picks Available
2 11 19 23 25 38 42 88 98 99

*New this year all cup drivers are not eligible in Xfinity and Truck
*Please keep track of your picks or refer back to the website to know what drivers you have available.  If a driver’s number is in red that means you have already used them for that segment and will not be able to use again until next segment.  If you accidently try to use a driver twice in one segment it will result in 0 points for that race.

 Example on website


*The final points earned by all your drivers for that week will be added together and that will be your points for the week.
*If a penalty is given to a selected driver and that penalty is announced after the race on race day, the penalty will apply to your pick
*Bonus Point- For every race winner picked you will get one bonus point, that will carry over to playoffs if you make the playoffs.
*Bonus Point- Each week’s weekly high winner will also earn one playoff point, that will carry over to the playoffs if you make the playoffs, if there are ties for weekly high, each player will earn the bonus point.
*Bonus Points- Winners of segment 1 & 2 will each earn 5 bonus points that will carry over to the playoffs.

*To keep interest throughout the entire season, the season will be broken up into 3 segments.
Segment 1- 13 cup races Daytona-Darlington (Plus all Xfinity & Truck races). (Winner will be total points earner)
Segment 2- 13 cup races Charlotte-Darlington (Plus all Xfinity & Truck races). (Winner will be total points earner)
Segment 3- 10 race elimination playoff (must qualify). Top 24 cumulative point earners from segment 1 and 2

*Only the top 24 players from cumulative points earned from segments 1 and 2 will qualify for segment 3- 10 race playoff. 
*Winners of segment 1 and 2 automatically make playoffs if they do not make it in on cumulative points, if either of the winners of segment 1 or 2 are outside the top 16 they would knock out players on points
*Eliminations will follow just like they do for the cup playoffs, bottom 4 players after each 3 race round of the playoffs will be eliminated.  With the exception of round 1 which will go from 24 to 12 players.
*Tiebreakers will be determined by the number of correctly guessed wins in the playoffs for all 3 series.  If a second tiebreaker is needed will use number of correctly guessed wins in segment 2.
*Playoff bonus points will follow NASCAR’s awarding of playoff points for end of the season. 1st place once reseeded will receive an additional 15 points, 2nd place will receive 10, 3rd place 8, 4th place 7, 5th place 6, 6th place 5, 7th place 4, 8th place 3, 9th place 2, and 10th place 1 11-24 will not receive any additional playoff points.
*Bonus points earned throughout segments 1 and 2 will be added to playoff total
*The final 4 will have their points reset to 0 prior to Championship weekend. Will have to choose based on available picks left.

Segments 1 & 2
*First place in each of the first two segments will win a personalized Lapped Traffic trophy
*2nd place will receive a Lapped Traffic tee shirt of your choice

*1st place a personalized Lapped traffic trophy
*2nd place a personalized Lapped traffic trophy
*3rd place will receive a Lapped Traffic travel mug of their choice
*4th place will receive a Lapped Traffic hoody

Bonus prizes maybe included as well
**All prizes will be sent out after the season
*Keep in mind this is a fun league, with prizes donated by Lapped Traffic.
*Lapped Traffic reserves the right to make any changes and will ultimately have the final say.
*Updates will be posted to the website typically Monday's sometimes it might stretch over to Tuesday's.

Player Picks- Iowa

Bonus Points-


2024 LTFantasy Rules-

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