The Lapped Traffic Podcast

2nd Annual Lapped Traffic Podcast Fantasy League


*You will pick 1 driver for each of three major series that will be running during any given race weekend. 

*If all 3 series are running, Cup, Xfinity, and Truck, you will pick 1 driver from each.  If just Cup and Xfinity are running than you will just pick from Cup and Xfinity.  If just Xfinity is running you will pick just an Xfinity driver.  *The final points earned by all your drivers for that week will be added together and that will be your points for the week.

*The caveat is there are no limits to the amount of times you can pick a particular driver, however, when it comes to your driver picks you can only pick a driver that is running for that particular series championship. So for example if Kyle Busch is running all 3 races at Bristol, you can only pick him for Cup and would need to pick a series regular for the other 2 series. 

*To keep interest throughout the entire season, the season will be broken up into 3 stages, 13 races-13 races- 10 races. Along with season long cumulative total. Top 3 in each stage and top 5 cumulative will win prizes. Tie breakers will be decided by number of correct cup wins, Xfinity wins if needed, Truck wins if needed.

 *What are these prizes? Im sure it will include some driver autographs and Lapped Traffic gear. And obviously bragging rights. Prizes will be finalized once number of players are set. 

*I am limiting the league to the first 75 people that want to play. 

How to register?

So if you decide to play make sure you can make the full season commitment and keep in mind if you have a bad  stage, points will reset. 

 *So if you want to play send an email to this is not my normal email, I created this just for the league to keep emails for the show separate from the fantasy league.  

*In body of the email include your name and email address so you are added to the distribution email. 

*1 reminder email will come out on Wednesday to remind everyone that all picks are due by Friday 5pm.  I don’t want to bombard everyone like I think I did last year with reminders, so 1 reminder email, and results will be posted to the website typically Monday sometime, worst case Tuesday. 

*Even if there is just a cup race to keep things consistent and to get all information entered by hand.  All picks are due by 5pm Friday EST. With Exception of Weeks of July 12th (Thur), July 18th (Wed), & Aug 15th (Wed).

*All picks must be submitted via email to picks submitted via twitter or FB will not be accepted. 

*All requests to play must be received by February 11th. I expect the league will be much larger than last year and since not able to get on a big site to do it, trying to keep it as simple as possible.  Any changes will be made available to you in advance.