Sign Up

*Send an email to (If you played last year you will still need to send an email to the new email address)
*Make sure you include in the body of the email your first and last name
*Make sure you type out your email in the body of the email
*New this year you can sign up throughout the season and can join in on the next stage


*Picks must be submitted via email to lappedtrafficfantasy2019@gmail.comto be accepted

*When you submit your picks please include your full name in the body of the email.  This will make the manual process of entering your picks much easier. 

Not everyone has their name in their email address and the spreadsheet has everyone full name, so please include your full name in the body of the email.

*Please include the full name and number of the driver you are selecting for each of the three series.

*All picks for the upcoming race weekend are due on Friday by 5PM EST.  Exceptions to this would be throughout the summer when Truck series run a mid-week race, those weeks, picks will be due by that date. 

Reminders will be sent out and communication will also be mentioned on the show. One weekly reminder will be sent out mid-week.

*You will pick 1 driver for each of three major series that will be running during any given race weekend. You will receive each of those drivers scores as your total scores for the week.

*If all 3 series are running, Cup, Xfinity, and Truck, you will pick 1 driver from each.  If just Cup and Xfinity are running than you will just pick from Cup and Xfinity. 

If just Xfinity is running you will pick just an Xfinity driver. 

*The final points earned by all your drivers for that week will be added together and that will be your points for the week.

*The caveat is there are no limits to the amount of times you can pick a particular driver, however, when it comes to your driver picks you can only pick a driver that is running for that particular series championship.

So for example if Kyle Busch is running all 3 races at Bristol, you can only pick him for Cup and would need to pick a series regular for the other 2 series. 

The key to this is to make sure we are not picking CUP guys in Xfinity Series or Truck Series.  If you have questions let me know. 

 *Updates will be posted to the website typically Monday's sometimes it might stretch over to Tuesday's.

*To keep interest throughout the entire season, the season will be broken up into 3 stages.

Stage 1-14 races Daytona-Charlotte including an All-Star race bonus (Pick winner of the All-Star race receive 15 bonus points)
State 2- 15 races Pocono-Indy
Stage 3- 10 race elimination playoff (must qualify)

 *Only the top 16 players will qualify for the stage 3 10 race playoff.  Eliminations will follow just like they do for the cup playoffs, bottom 4 players after each 3 race round of the playoffs will be eliminated. 

Tiebreakers will be determined by the number of correctly guessed wins in the playoffs for all 3 series.  If a second tiebreaker is needed will use number of correctly guessed wins in stage 2.

*Top 16 from cumulative total from stages 1 and 2 will be added and seeding will be done top to bottom with 1st place earning 16 bonus points to start stage 3, 2nd place with 15, and so on down.

 Any discrepancies please let me know as soon as you notice them.  If anything needs to change, I will try to give as much advance notice, so make sure you check your emails, twitter, and listen on the show!!

Guest Picker
*New this season, whomever is the current stage leader each week will have the option of calling into the show to be the guest picker that week.  This is subject to schedules lining up on both sides. 

Stages 1 & 2
*First place in each of the first two stages will win a personalized Lapped Traffic trophy
*2nd place will receive a Lapped Traffic tee shirt of your choice

*1st place will receive a $50 online gift certificate to &  a personalized Lapped traffic trophy
*2nd place will receive a $25 online gift certificate to & a personalized Lapped traffic trophy
*3rd place will receive a Lapped Traffic travel mug of their choice
*4th place will  receive a Lapped Traffic tee shirt of your choice

**All prizes will be sent out after the season

*Keep in mind this is a fun league, with prizes donated by Lapped Traffic.

*Lapped Traffic reserves the right to make any changes and will ultimately have the final say.





3rd Annual Lapped Traffic Podcast Fantasy League